Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Funny Video about Mexicans

Please click or paste that address into your browser window for a great laugh on Mexicans, and my last post.

Mexicans are a dime a dozen!

So here on the left you will see there are multiple mexicans. Yes they are all illegal immigrants looking for a job to support there familys. They came over here for a "better" life. Well the only good thing about mexicans is that they are a dime a dozen and you can pick up 5 at any 7-11 around the US and hire them for $2 an hour under the table. Thats cool and all but then, you have to hire security because they keep stealing your tools, and equipment. Then they go pawn it off to make some more money to spend on low rider wheels and mexican gold (spray paint). They spend all there money on putting carpet and shag rug in there cars and trucks. Why dont they invest it into there kids future. But investing would be unmexican so they will continue to live off US Government money and buy stuff for there low riders.

The life as a mexican

So.. have you ever thought of how it would be if you were mexican?

Living off government money, and buying everything with food stamps?

I mean yeah, swimming across the Rio Grand and ducking from bullets has to be pretty tough, but I guess when you get to use up governments money, and live for free its worth it right?

I hate mexicans

Day one:

Please name one high ranking official in America that is mexican.

You cant... thats exactly what I thought..